Ever had a question for Le Boss? Now you finally have the chance to ask it! Leave a question in the messages and we'll have Arsene answer it for you. You can also submit posts or text questions. This blog is only for fun. I'm a long time Gooner and don't mind a little joking around. Keep it in good taste, and ask Arsene some questions!

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Great sight to see! 

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Great sight to see! 

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Hey I’ve been gone long, and this is crazy, but if you have a question, ask me maybe?

Anonymous: This isn't an ask arsene question but i was just wondering when you'll be back? i miss the smiles this tumblr put on my dash :)

Fun fact Anonymous, I may be back now! 

Woah lost a lot of followers! I guess that serves me right for not posting in so long.

Going to be away for a while. I will answer all your beautiful questions upon my return.

Questions. I could use them. Want to start connecting with my “fans” more.

So what do you think of my signings?

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You mad?

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Should I resign?

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Question submitted by: Anonymous 

Question submitted by: Anonymous 

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*Phew*. So glad we got through Udinese. I was a little nervous there. I’M COMING FOR YOU NOW BARCA!

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questions please =]

Question submitted by: Anonymous

Question submitted by: Anonymous

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